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Because my e-mail enters as Spam?

my mail enters as mail trash, Spam

my mail enters as mail trash, Spam

Often we apostatized that our e-mail enters the tray of Mail nonwished or Spam, or arrives with the subject changed by something as this: Spam – My subject…

He is annoying, are even possible to be lost important e-mails. You do not understand, you you did not make massive shipment of e-mails, she does not have in his computer virus or spyware that does it without you know.

The problem often comes from its supplier of Web Hosting, with that provides lodging to him for its webpage. What happens? When contracting a service of webpage lodging is not engaging an exclusive servant in whom only you will send e-mails or will lodge his website, but shares the space with thousands of other users who have their webpages lodged in that servant and the programs of Spam blockade work by blockade of Ips of servers not by domains.

If all the clients lodged in that servant fulfilled slogans of:
– not to make massive shipments of e-mail,
– to have its clean computers of spyware and virus,
– that their webpages have hackeado a safe code and not to be used with Spam aims.
there would not be disadvantages.

But in the real world it is not thus, and it is there where the function of the Supplier of services of Web Hosting has more than to only give to support precise problems and to acquire its service.

The Supplier of its webpage must act proactively:
– Monitoring the shipments from each servant, applying quotas and blockades per hour for each client.

– To control periodically if directions IP of each servant are not in black lists of Spam blockade.

– Not to sobresell the service of Web Hosting, so that no matter how hard each client respects his duties, the amount of clients in the same servant causes that the limits of each IP are surpassed to appear as Spam.

– Not to offer services with limitless Space or limitless Bandwidth that actually is not real and takes to an overload in the servers, volviéndo to happen the previous point.

– To force to the use of safe passwords.

CtNetSoftware tries to fulfill these premises in the benefit of its services of Hosting, lodging of webpages.

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