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Google Fonts in your webpage

For a Google time it offers as one more of its gratuitous services “Google Fonts”. The idea is to offer in its servers Typographies catalogued and standardized for any professional or inexperienced designer.

The complete catalogue you can see it in Nowadays already they are the 629 sources that can be found.



It allows to whom it simply arms a webpage to put the reference to Google Fonts and the same will be seen from any navigator from any place of the planet. It is not necessary to incorporate the sources in the webpage as was made previously.

The reference is placed as a call to a contained file or style sheet Java script. For detailed information of the case I recommend to them to visit:

It is worth the pain to internalise itself in the subject and to use it in your webpage.

Important managers of content as WordPress or Joomla incorporates it in indirect form through design subjects.

It lets a commentary

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