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Recaptcha, Avoiding the Spam from your webpage

Surely you will have seen the image that illustrates this entrance in several webpages. It is a validation system that allows to indicate to him to webpage that who is completing a form, realising a consultation or unloading a file is a human being and robot or formed system not to work automatically and to obtain access to your resources.

The Spam not only causes that your domain enters black lists of Spam, and the majority of your post office enters as not wished for example, but it can saturate the use of your resources and cause that your site falls or that your systems become vulnerable.

Recaptcha is based on the simple thing that it is for a human to recognize a text no matter how hard the typography is diffuse, and of how a computer is complicated this task to him.

Recaptcha is a license of google that free distributes for the use anywhere Web. In you will be able to register your website for the use of Recaptcha. Even there is much documentation to include the service in your webpage.

Recaptcha widely is spread and exists plugins for different platforms from self-managing webpages (wordpress, joomla, mambo, etc)

It is worth the pain to occur a return by this site and to begin to use it.





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