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Proceeding of delegation of domain in

The proceeding of delegation in is a necessary proceeding after the hiring of a service of Web hosting. The objective of the same is to indicate to him to the organization to register (in this case) in that place is kept the archives from their website and towards which servers must send the e-mail.

The proceeding of domain delegation is different from the one from transference in which the objective is to change the ownership of the domain.

With respect to the delegation of the service you must enter to with your user and password.

To select the domain as it indicates the image next and to press the button that appears to the right of the domain. In the image sample that button to press itself.

Proceeding of delegation of domains

Once pressed the button indicated in the screen, the system sends us to the following screen

To assign to servers dns in the step of domain delegation



There we brand the option to delegate and soon we pressed the button To add that it shows to us

Name of the servant of dns


In host we wrote the DNS servant that was assigned to us and pressed to accept.
We repeat the action for the second DNS and with that we have the proceeding of delegation of domains finished.
In the course of 3 to 4 hours the domain will be delegate and aiming at the new servers.

It must consult to his supplier of Web Hosting by the Dns servers who have assigned themselves to their account.

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