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How to insert a map of Google Maps in an entrance of WordPress

First that is due to do it is to enter to and to authenticate with our user and password to us of gmail.

Once inside we pressed the Button Menu that is to the left of the square search titled “To look for in Google Maps” and go to the option “My Maps”

To enter to my maps in Google Maps

Of the new menu that appears to us, we selected the option “To create Map”

To create a new map for my webpage

When pressing To create Google Maps map will take us to the following window where we will locate we will locate the point to mark in the map. For the example we looked for: Bodereau 1299, Villa Beyond, Cordoba, Argentina

to mark to point in google maps

The green point does not indicate the found location (the center of the map) but we must mark a point in the map so that our public sees in the webpage the map. The point brand from the tool marked in the previous image.

description of a point in google maps

Already created the point we come to put a title and a description to him. In addition photos can be added. It is necessary to consider that this map and this description are particular for this map, we are not loading a business/company in google. In order to enter a business or webpage Google and that is located in the maps we must form it from Google My Business.

to share map and to insert in my webpage

Once copied the insertion code that gives google maps us to our webpage we will insert it. For it we entered the Control Panel of WordPress, will publish the entrance where we want to place our map, we will pass the publisher of the entrance wordpress to way text and will stick the code that gives google us where we want that it appears the map.

to insert code of google maps in wordpress

When giving to update to the entrance we will see in our webpage done in wordpress the map him of google that we inserted with the noticeable point and the description.

If we wished to modify the size of the map, we published the options width and height that is in the code copied from google maps.

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