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Safe passwords is really important. Because of that, we are here, not only talking about our cheap vps hosting linux, but also the software that we are supporting. Which are PHP, MySQL, cPanel, etc. And not only that, we are giving you some tips regarding passwords that you might need in the future. 


generation of safe passwordFor Edward Snowden, ex- agent of the Agency of National Security of the USA that jump to the fame by spreading of secret content of the United States, these are the six tips to consider when generating a safe password.

1. - The password never must have 8 characters less than.

2. - Never to use the automatic generation of passwords. The used algorithms to decode passwords are just like the used ones to generate passwords.
3. - To use incoherent phrases instead of words. They are easier to remember. For example: “MargarettacherEs100%sexy”
4. - Never to write easy words with misspelling.
5. - Never to write easy words with changes as: p3zc@do Variations of common words is first that it jumps.
6. - To use symbols, letters and numbers.

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