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The registry of Argentine domains Web will have cost as of March

Registry of domains

From the 5 of March the registry of domains will have cost

From the 5 of March of 2014 a tariff for the registry of the Argentine domains will be implemented (to, .net,, etc).

The main reason for this measurement is to avoid the cyberocupación through which a few users register great amount of domains and try to sell them to the true ones interested or to maintain them captivos with services of Web Hosting.

The collection will implement from new registries of domains and renovations of domains, that is to say, the total reach of the plan will be seen just next year.

Argentina was the last country in the world in maintaining gratuitous the service of domain registry. One also says that this measurement aims to fund the legal and technical secretariat of the nation.

It is anticipated that the cost will not surpass the $200 annual ones, the details of the implementation will be known as of March in the webpage

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