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To synchronize Facebook, Twitter and Google + in your webpage.

Synchronization of facebook, to twitter, google extra

Importance of the synchronization of the accounts of different social networks for positioning Web

Whenever we realised a positioning Web in a webpage we focused in creating a content that is representative of the keywords by which the webpage wants to be found in the finders.

Once we managed to opitimizar the content of the webpage we entered ourselves in the task of indicating to him to Google that we have a new content and that talks about to those keywords.
Google or anyone of the finders does not know of the existence of ours paginaweb and therefore it is necessary to warn to him that it exists. Sitemap, or the registry in is tools that serve to us, but is much more useful that buscaodr finds us tracking social networks. For example, if one is indexing the content of twitter and finds a connection with a description to our webpage is probable that it follows them and it indexes his content.

Furthermore, if that content appears in several tweets ours or is retwiteado and appears in addition in facebook with many likes, and has a synchronism with an account in google extra. It is very possible that we have a content referred to our keywords harnessed by external links to that content.

Nowadays, with the amount of social networks, a tedious work turns out giving at the same time to publish the content of our webpage in all the social networks.

Luckily we are not first in noticing this and is herrramientas, even from the same pages of the social networks that allow us to synchronize our diverse accounts in social networks.

For example, from the configuration of twitter it is possible to be caused that all ours twitts appears automatically in our wall of facebook or the beginning of our fan page or vice versa.

The programmers of webpages know well much gratuitous source code. that extra is applied to synchronize google, facebook, pinterest, to twitter.

For the case of Google Plus a gratuitous tool exists Plusist that it synchronizes in facbook and to twitter all the content published in google Extra.

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