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Design of self-managing webpage

The proposal includes a self-managing website. That is to say, the client will be able, from an administration panel, to change all the information of the website (the News, Menus, images, etc.) at the moment that wishes it. Without dependency of a designer Web.

Reaches of the proposal:

–       Implementation of manager of WordPress contents.

–       General design of the website. (Styles, colors, uniform fonts in all the site)

–       Creation of menus and submenus of sections in the page. With the freedom the client to change them, to eliminate or to add at any time new.

–       Creation of the sections and pages corresponding to each item of the menu. With the freedom of the client to modify them, to eliminate them or to add at any time new.

–       Possibility that the client includes Documents in the page at any time (Archives of Word, images, pdfs, etc.)

–       Form of contact.

–       Registry in Google and Google Analytics.

–       Webpage with 5 sections.

The hiring of the project we offered gratuitous lodging of the website by 1 year. The cost of the annual renovation of the plan of Hosting is $299 for 20 accounts of e-mail and $499 for 40 accounts of e-mail.

Value of the project.
In case of being lodged in our servers: $1649. -
In case of being lodged in servers of third parties: $2549 the difference is in which already we have settled the manager of content in our servers.

Form of payment:

50% to initiate the project.
50% con give of the finished project.

Set-up time:
10 working days.

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