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Positioning Web. To appear first in google.

How to appear first in google.

Positioning Web or search engine optimization.

When creating a webpage is of much importance the work in the positioning in google. Their webpages very or designed come many clients showing to me, with amazing effects in flash, but they have the problem of which they do not appear in Google, or do not appear when they wish to be found.

When we analyzed the budget that we always have for our webpage I recommend my clients to calculate part of it for search engine optimization. He is preferable to have a little showy webpage but that arrives at my potential clients and not a very showy webpage that does not arrive to him at anybody.

They are many points to consider to position a webpage, that is to say:

– To identify the keywords by which we want to be found. This us hara to focus the form to write the content of the webpage and to generate titles, descriptions there, puts tags.

– To create sitemap that informs to google the complete content into our webpage. More details on sitemap here

– It is important to accompany to the webpage by a blog or section by the news easily updated by the client. WordPress or Joomla offers an excellent tool in these cases.
The idea is that the owner of the webpage can generate up-to-date content of periodic way so that the finder interprets that it is an active webpage and with dynamic content, that agrees to track it periodically and therefore he is excellent in the searches related to the keywords.

– To connect the webpage of automatic form with social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Google + allows to spread the content by an infinite universe of almost automatic way. What infinity of links and commentaries generates on our content.

– A good Service of Web Hosting. It will cause that the webpage is stable and therefore when google tracks it is always available.

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