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The registry of the domain of your webpage. The changes in

From the 19 of August of the 2013 it governs a new system for the registry of domains in  The main changes with respect to the previous version are:

– It does not exist plus the Organization and responsible Person as figure within the proceeding. Now everything is handled through Titular User, who can have an alias
– The new system has a Control Panel of your domains, allowing to register domains, to administer renovations of domains, to transfer domains. Everything from a same Control Panel with a user and password.
– The speed of work. Before each proceeding delayed from 24/48 hours in future and it handled to everything with shipment and answers of e-mails of confirmation. Now everything is handled through Control Panel of the domains.

A disadvantage or problem of implementation with which have been several users is that when registering themselves as new responsible person in the new system are not synchronous the domains under its power and must realise proceedings by email postal to recover them.

Next we will describe as registering itself as titular user and recovering its domains from the previous system.

For the proceeding you must count on an e-mail that soon will be in the future your key to accede to all the services of

We enter the webpage of and clickeamos in regitrar to you

That the name of your webpage is yours. Cordoba, Villa Beyond

Proceeding of registry of domains in

This step asks to us about which type of titling of domain will register. The options are a natural person or a legal person, Company or organization.

The example we will continue it registering a natural person. In the other case one is due to count on all the information of the company, legal CUIT, representatives, information on the society contract, etc.

The following step is to know if you have a national identity document emitted in Argentina and it occurs to continue to the proceeding.

In this step we will enter all the data of our identification. Once completed this it will send a mail to us for the confirmation of the e-mail and beginning will occur to the proceeding that can last a pair of hours. Which when finalizing will send an e-mail to us with the qualification to the access.

Registry of titling of domain in High of personal data.


In this page, unlike the previous system, the creation of a user (alias) and password is asked for that will allow the access us to the Control Panel of our domains.

In next entrances we will be explaining to them:
– as registering a domain,
– as transferring a domain,
– as delegating a domain,
– as recovering domains of the previous system.

It is to tell them as recommendation that always makes the registry of the domain to their name. It is not necessary to delegate this responsibility to third parties (designers, programmers, salesmen of Hosting) since if in the future the trade relation with this people is cut the recovery of the Control Panel becomes complicated and therefore is in danger the stability of our webpage.

As always we are in Villa Beyond, Cordoba, Argentina.


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