Terms and Conditions of Use of the service of Web Hosting


All the users of ctnetsoftware.com, by the use of their services, accept the detailed terms and conditions of use next:

We did not accept sites of pornography, erotic, sex shops, companions and/or any type of site related to sex.

Contact and/or virtual friendly sites will not be accepted either of pairs. We reserved the right to drop from rolls east type of sites.

Note: To realise Spam or to send mail nonasked for from a servant of CtNetSoftware this STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Lea our political ANTISPAM here.

ctnetsoftware.com is authorized to suspend services if the user does not adhere to anyone of the conditions of the present agreement. All the referring communications to the conditions of the service, policy antiSpam and of commercial and/or technical nature will be realised via e-mail.

This agreement is realised between ctnetsoftware.com “We” and the reading “UD” of this page and user of our services.

1 - Privacy:

ctnetsoftware.com protects the privacy of its users and it does not distribute personal data of his members to organizations, organizations, nor people other people's to the company.
The information of its data remains kept safely.

2 - Hosting and Servicio of e-mail:

CtNetSoftware is committed to maintain operative the service in permanent form, excluding the interruptions or suspensions caused by a act of God or of greater force. Thus also to give technical traverse support to all that with the service of hosting.

- It will have to provide real a fixed telephone to confirm the data of the account by telephone. For reasons of security, ctnetsoftware.com will not accept registries of accounts with cell phones.

- The Client is responsible in his totality for the material published or given in his space Web. ctnetsoftware.com, will not become person in charge of the contents of these.

- The company will not become person in charge before any damage or loss of information, total or partisan, that can be caused for involuntary reasons or reasons other people's to our company.

- CtNetSoftware does not accept reclamations by dismissed profit before the involuntary fall on watch of anyone of its servers.

- The company reserves the right to terminate without previous warning to users who:

- They set out images or infantile pornographic material.

- Pages that urge the violence and illegal activities, as swindles with hacking, credit cards or similars.

- To use the mail accounts to send mail nonasked for, or Spam.

- Use of the webpage to damage pages of third parties.

- To use the space to offer unloadings of MP3, pirate software, or any content that this protégé by the laws of intellectual property.

- To use unloading sites bittorrent, P2P, finders of MP3, films or another class of archives that are protected by author rights.

- Sites that include links or manuals on illegal information.

- Sites that include unloadings of emulators and ROMS.

- Sites to realise pishing, with the intention to capture private information.

- Sites with instructions of how gaining in virtual casinos and/or sites of bets.

- To use, to keep or to offer in unloading, virus, Trojans, exploits or similars.

- To exhibit or to keep any type from information that attempts against the law, the moral, moral convention, or affects to third parties.

- They will not be allowed to services of “free hosting” (hosting free) in plans resellers, as thus also services of e-mail free, fotologs or weblogs free or gratuitous registries of domains and/or subdomains.

- It must maintain his information of user and password in a safe place and will have to notify immediately if it suspects the nonauthorized use to us his account or on breach security in his site, also is lost of data, robbery or modification in the data of his account.

- It must try that all the e-mail is sent according to the legislation applied (including the legislation of protection of data) and of a safe way.

- In case of an individual user, it must assure to have 18 years of age at least and in case the user is a company, to assure that the service is not used by a minor of 18 years of age.

- ctnetsoftware.com uses all the reasonable safety measures to assure integrity the servers, nevertheless we did not guarantee that they are free of users nonauthorized or hackers.

- The SSH access is restricted.

- Access FTP through navigators of Internet is restricted, will have; to use a client FTP (that we granted without position) to accede to its account.

- Lea the political ANTISPAM here.

3 - MySQL:

The data bases MySQL own limits of 10,000 queries (consultations) per hour in the plans of hosting individual, 20,000 in the plans resellers and 45,000 in the plans company, not being able this limit to be increased when being a platform about hosting shared, due to the involvements on the general performance of the service.
If you have reached limits maximum of queries per hour, she will not be able to realise but queries.
In the next hour he will have access to the base again and the accountant will reseteará himself to again to zero.

The access to the data bases will only be able to happen of local way, not being able these being acceded remotely, with the purpose of guaranteeing the privacy of its data.

The company assumes that the client has the knowledge necessary to operate with these systems.

4 - Registry of domains:

- The client authorizes to ctnetsoftware.com to act as intermediary for the registry of the domain to his name.

- The registry of the domain is realised previous payment and reception of the same.

- The client is the one in charge to verify that the domain this available one to be registered.

- In the case of the national domains .com of.ar the registry he is realised before NIC Argentina.

- CtNetSoftware will register; the domain to name of the client and will give; the data of user and password for its future administration.

- CtNetSoftware does not take responsibility by the loss of the data of user and password of the domain on the part of the client.

- The company does not take responsibility by the registry of the name asked for on the part of a third party from the moment at which the client asked for the domain and realised the payment of the same.

- In the case of renovation of the domain, the company will notify; with 30 days of anticipation to the client. In case of in the last not receiving answer 7 days before the victory, CtNetSoftware will not take responsibility; by the loss of the domain and later recording on the part of another person.

5 - Forms of payment and modalities:

You will be able; to pay the services of ctnetsoftware.com by means of: Deposit or Banking Transference to the French Bank and Bank of Cordoba or Market payment.

a) The period of hosting the account begins from the moment at that is created in our servers (including the 48 hours of test) and not from the moment at which the client makes the payment, it therefore must to good have all ready with respect to his (s) site (S.A. moment for registering itself in anyone of the plans of CtNetSoftware to avoid losses of time.

b) The balance to pay indicated in its invoice will have; to be cancelled completely before taking place the victory.

c) The reminders will be sent; n with one week of anticipation.

d) Payments at the expense of contracted services of hosting of a single domain for plans will not be taken resellers. That is to say, if a client contract a plan of hosting for a single domain by three or more months and decides in the second month to contract a plan to reseller and to include its domain within this plan, will have to hope to that the three finish or more contracted months to be able to include it.
Payments will only be able to be taken against the account and paying the corresponding difference, if the service corresponds to the same category.

For example: Hosting Lite by Professional Hosting.
It is net an administrative and technical question.

5.1 - Suspension on watch:

The lack of payment to the victory authorizes to ctnetsoftware.com to arrange the past interruption of the service 48 hours after overcome the contracted plan. Spent these 48 hours, the system automá; ticamente it generates on the servant a suspension requirement, being necessary a posteriori to pay a surcharge by reactivation.
The surcharge by reactivation is of $ 50 (five pesos Argentine) plus the owed amount.
To the 10 days of passed the victory the account will be terminated of the system and will stop belonging to the company.

The unphelp accounts are of hosting or streaming that estan loaded in the servant generates consumptions of unnecessary memory and processor that can be taken advantage of by other clients. It is in the total responsibility of each client to have subscriber (s) his (s) service (s) in its corresponding date.

The amounts by concepts briefed in the invoice will be considered; conformity n accepted if reclamation does not take place some until the day of the victory of the same.

5.2 - Warning of payment:

For those clients who realise their payments by means of Deposit or Banking Transference, it will have; n to inform the payment to administracion@ctnetsoftware.com being sent the data into operation/transaction or supporting copy of deposit or the transference scanned by e-mail for its greater security.

Of not inquiring the payment it implies that the company cannot be identified the client who phelp and consequently she is come to the suspension of accounts of unnecessary way.

CtNetSoftware, assumes that the client knows the conditions of use, detailed in the present agreement. The company reserves the right to realise modifications in the conditions of served use and/or without this from place to no type of reclamation or indemnification.