Qu? it is Web Hosting or Web Hosting?

The Web Hosting (in English: Web Hosting) according to wikipedia.org appointment is: “it is the service that provides to the users with Internet a system to be able to store information, images, video, or any accessible content via Web.?

In summary, it is the service of rent of space in Internet for the publication of content through a webpage.

Hosting.com we offer this service for more than 5 years.
You when contracting the service of Web Hosting (Web hosting) are contracting a place in the hard disk of some of our servers (Web Host). These servers have the capacity to interpret the calls to certain domain and to give back the content of the webpage.

There are several types of plans of Lodging the Web, most common and cheap it is the lodging shared Web where several people occupy parts of a Web server. It is the case of the plans of Hosting that we offer with Plan Web Personal Hosting, Web Hosting SME 1, Web 2 Hosting SME and Web Corporative Hosting.

In these plans of Web Hosting the client does not have control on the operating system where its information is lodged, simply it handles a Control Panel (cpanel) that allows to administer its part him of contracted space.

For needs of space majors and with greater privacy, it is possible to contract to a service of lodging dedicated Web, where a single client uses the services of a single Web server. That is to say, he has the control of the computer where its information lodges.

The maintenance of these servers can be realised by the same client or to contract to the service its supplier of Web Hosting.

The dedicated servers, guarantee exclusive feature in the traffic to the site, major security in the confidential information, ips fixed dedicated, dns own. Sometimes although for it the lodging cost Web is increased and surpassed in hundreds of times the value of the lodging plans shared Web.

From our offices we recommended to him that always it consults when to contract to Web Hosting to us to be able to advise it the best service for his site.