AntiSpam policy of the service of Web Hosting

Please it understands that the following policy helps to serve us better to him, garantizá; ndole stable resources and to fight against the Spam. Also it will notice; a reduction of the Spam in its domains.

CtNetSoftware owns tolerance zero to the Spam and puts in manifesto its policy:

Its account is cancelled of final way when receiving a denunciation by Spam of its website from our datacenter. In the case of being denounced to realise Spam using our services that is detected realising Spam from another servant with a provided with accomodations accountHosting, will not have; no type of return of phelp amounts. YOU ARE NOTIFIED UD.

Backups and redireccionamientos will be eliminated that the site owns that the Spam realises, not being able to be provided with accomodations more in the company (including the redireccionamientos). As thus also, it will be eliminated; the sent mailing or abusive Spam through our servers, reservádonos the right to investigate mails that esten causing the overload problem.

It will be reported immediately of his activities to his supplier of access to Internet. Its connection to Internet can be terminated of its supplier and its data to comprise of the listing of people who use the Spam to promote their activities.

This totally prohibited to realise mailing (ready of mail) through our servers of mail. It will have to use the smtp of his supplier of Internet to send his mailing (ready of mail) or a supplier of gratuitous lists of mail as

So that reason we put these limits? Simple, its site is provided with accomodations in a platform of hosting shared what means that the same servant is used to hostear multiple sites and other clients share the same resources that you.

This way, to create a stable platform all the clients and to fight the Spam, we placed these limits.

Ademá; s avoids that our directions IP fall in black lists by reason for some massive shipment of post office.

As preventing it:

It does not answer messages Spam, since when doing it will confirm it; its email address.

If they continue to him arriving messages from a same sender, she forms her software of mail, leaking the directions or the rules of message (she consults her manual).

She does not pay attention to messages with false contents of virus (Hoaxes), supplies of prizes, money, requests of charitable help, sale of goods (hardware or software) or funding to very low cost, medicinal products, gratuitous access to portals will pornográ; ficos, warning of virus, unknown sources, etc.

If these message mentions an email address to him or has a connection “to be removed” of its lists of mail ignores both invitations. In the first case, it will confirm; her email address and in the second, the Portal of the supposed removal of the dangerous list could unload to her system cookies or Spyware.

She in line fills to forms only in portals of companies or credited corporations and jamá; s provides its type and card number of credit.

On case previous, if it is some information that wakes up its interest, is preferable to use an account of gratuitous mail, cradle in the Web.

Do you create to be victim of Spam?

If you think that some user of our service this realising Spam please sends an e-mail to us to and facilitates all the information to us that you create necessary to help us to investigate the case.