Mailing - To create forms of subscription to a list of shipments.

A good way so that new person subscribes to receive our post office is by means of a form Web in our site. The service of mailing gives this opportunity us so that, with a simple code, they can subscribe to the list by means of our website.

First, we entered the menu? Forms? that one is in the menu? Utilities. There we will find different columns:

In the first column, we will select one of the different lists that we have created.

In the second column, are the fields of the list. If we have different Customized Fields, we will be able to add them to obtain the data of the contact.

In the third column, we added the redirections by defect. After completing the data and to press the button to subscribe, will be redirected to this URL when the corresponding action is executed.

In the fourth column, we can select the amount of days per which the subscription will be taken and until when will be able to be subscribed the contacts by means of the form.

Once selected all these options, we beat? To generate form? and it will appear to us the code that we will have to insert in our website. We will be able to modify the same to our whole pleasure.