Mailing - To create a shipment list

We see as creating a new list so that we can add our contacts. We remember that the lists in our account of mailing are limitless, reason why can create different groups to divide them, or by categories, amount of shipments, information groups, or as it is desired.

First, from the main menu superior ssd vps hosting, in the menu? List? we select? To create new list.

We see in detail the fields that will appear:

The name that we will give the list to identify the contacts that there are in her.
Name of the sender:
Here we must enter or name to show. This name is the one that will visualize the contacts that receive our mail as adressee.
Email of the sender:
We must enter the mail account that will be in the adressee when the contacts receive the mail.
Maximum amount of Members:
This is the maximum amount of contacts that will be able to be added to the list. This is useful to add new contacts in the future and to maintain the control of the total of contacts in the list in case of using formulario* in our Web for the subscriptions. If we left value 0 we will be able to add contacts infinitely.
It requires OptIn/OptOut:
Marking this option, the new subscribers who add themselves by means of formulario* in our Web, they will receive a mail in which requests the confirmation for the subscription. This is a very recommendable option to validate the user.
To notify subscriber again:
With this activated option, a mail by each new subscriber will arrive to us who registers himself by means of formulario* in the Web.
Here we will be able to add commentaries on the list so that the possible subscribers have more information on this list to which they will be being been registering cheapest dedicated server host.

Completing all these data and beating? To create List? we will have created our first list!

We see as adding new contacts to the list in this tutorial.

(*) Forms: We have the possibility of adding a form in our Web so that the possible contacts subscribe automatically to a certain list. We will be able to see a tutorial on the matter.