Mailing - To add and to concern subscribers to a shipment list:

In order to concern our contacts or subscribers soon to be able to send the corresponding mail to them, we used the option? To concern Subscribers? that one is within the menu? Present list.

NOTE: If we have several created lists or we did not visualize the menu, we will be able to change between the different lists using the link ‚€œTo select list‚€? that it is in the right part superior.

Once we have selected the corresponding menu, we will see the following picture of dialogue with the options of cheapest unlimited web hosting to realise the import:

We see the different options that offer us to concern our contacts to the system:

To matter using to copy/to beat:
With this option simply we added all the contacts in the picture presented to the right of the screen. We will be able to separate them by commas, semicolon or by line. We see an example using the comma:,,

To matter from a file:
In this case we can look for a file which contains this information. This it can be a .txt which also has the format that we commented before: semicolon, simple or separated comma by line. An example of the post office by line:

To matter from a data base:
This interesting option allows us to connect us to a remote data base in a servant to be able to copy the data automatically.
The data base must be in MySQL format and simply we required the following data:

MySQL hostname or IP: Nombre or IP of the servant where we will connect ourselves.
MySQL user: User of the data base.
MySQL password:  Password of the data base.
Name of the MySQL base: Name of the data base at issue.
Name of the table: Name of the table where the contacts lodge

Once completed the data selected the option that we wished our cheap ssd vps hosting, we will beat in? To matter.