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Average of payment to include in your webpage.

Average of payment in your webpage, dineromail, mercadopago, paypal

Average of payment in your webpage, dineromail, mercadopago, paypal

A webpage not only must be a catalogue by Internet, is good also for selling through her without intervention of a salesman in the operation.

The accomplishment of a system of sales and collection seems an expensive task on my webpage but he is simpler than it seems.

There are many managers of payment who facilitate the work to us in exchange for a commission in the sale. These managers offer to our webpage tools for the elaboration of a cart of purchases, request of collections by e-mail and shipment of bottoms through a post-office box.

The tools more known local level are Paypal, DineroMail and Mercado payment.

These three webpages offer more or less the same service with some differences. For example, dineromail and Mercadopago are local reason why they offer the possibility of not only paying your purchase by Internet through Credit card but they allow the emission of tickets for rapipago, local pagofacil, banking transferences.  On the other hand paypal, to the being an international company, offers payments with cards from any point of the world.

To add in your webpage these tools implies:

– To register itself in the supplier of this service. They will ask for personal and banking data to safely conduct the operations for you and the visitor of your webpage.
– To add in the code that these companies provide you in their website.

Our company of Web Hosting realises its managements of collections online to Dineromail traverse and simply we added some lines of code in our webpage. We are more than 8 years old working with them and we never had some disadvantage of money ours nor of the buyers in our webpage.

The cost of this service is proportional to the value of the sale and makes the rounds in a 7% of the total.

That all so far, you do not forget that we are drawing for a webpage as this. Realised in town beyond, Cordoba, Argentinean. The drawing finalizes the 31/10/2013 and simply you must follow in twitter to participate to us (@ctnetsoftware). The details of the contest estan here

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