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The importance of the Map of the Site in the positioning Web

Map of the site, fundamental herramiento for the positioning Web

Map of the site, fundamental herramiento for the positioning Web

The map of the site has a great importance in the positioning of each webpage since if we obtained that google recognizes it the finder will know with exactitude all the webpages that has our website and the date in which it was created.

Its creation in webpages is vitally important whose content s acceded through flash or Java Script where the connections of the webpage are hidden for the finders.

Through the Webmasters tools, of that already we have spoken, we have the direct form to indicate to him to google where our Map of the Site is located. Not only we sent the location to him an only time, we can send the route to him of the file whenever we generated a modification in the webpage.

Normally the site maps are archives xml (“sitemap.xml”) although google recognizes several structures as Map of site. We can send a map to him of the site as a listing of links for example.

If we are thinking about making a good positioning Web, he is advisable that our webpage automatically generates the map of the site to be not worried to us of the constant maintenance of the same. There is many applications online or plugins for webpages in wordpress or joomla that create it automatically.

ParticularlyHosting we used plugin for WordPress “Google Sitemap XML”, a gratuitous application that allows us to update and to warn Google of the modification of the map of the site at the precise moment in that I press to keep and to plublicar to be note.



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