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Spyware, virus and e-mail

Spam and virus in the e-mail

In this post we are going to speak of the importance of having its free computer of virus and spyware.
The services of e-mail are the first services that attack virus and spyware. it is his natural form to expand to other computers.
For it is very common that they obtain the user and password of the imagined accounts of mail in the computer and send mails not only to his list of mail but to lists of post office with thousands of contacts.
we have detected up to 300000 attempts of e-mail shipments from some accounts of mail in our servers.
the attempt of shipment of these amounts is detected immediately since the amount of post office per hour is of 500.
That it happens soon. The service for that account is blocked and the subscriber must clean his computer before unblocking the accounts.
For that reason it is important to maintain clean his computers. spybot is the best gratuitous option of the market to eliminate spyware.

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