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reclamations of by the registry of the subdomain .patagonia

The subdomain .patagonia was asked for before ICANN to name of the textile company American “Inc. Patagonia. ” dedicated on sale of sport clothing trying to appropriate itself a term that of indubitable form, refers to an extensive region of the south of the Argentine Republic and Chile, of wonderful, radiating landscapes and great importance for the national economy. The Patagonia is composed by six Argentine provinces, between which they are, the Pampas, Neuquén, Black River, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra Del Fuego, covering a surface with 930,731 km2s. The Region is constituted by means of a treaty signed by the governors of the respective Provinces member of the Region that create, in accordance with the established thing in article 124 of the National Constitution of the Argentine Republic. Also, the mentioned treaty establishes as political control element from the Region the Assembly of Governors, constituted by Head of State of the Provinces. The Region also owns an Official Being of Tourism, integrated by all the official organisms of each province to promote and to coordinate the tourist activity of the region, as thus also maintaining and reaffirming the identity of the Patagonian region, promoting the cultures and the values in search of harnessing the development of the territory and its inhabitants. In the last meeting of ICANN realised in June, in the Prague, Argentina transmitted its preoccupation on the order realised by Inc. the Patagonia company, soliciing that is not approved the request since the same does not count on any authorization of the provincial governments of the Argentine south, of the Region nor of the National Government, establishing an ominous precedent as far as the appropriation of names on the part of economic groups, that of no way represent regions of the planet on which they ask for its names. To revert that request we needed your help! In order to give a hand us, you prune to register and to let your commentary to you in the webpage designated by ICANN, tenés time until the 26 of September of 2012: If you wish to generally review the commentaries received until the moment on .patagonia or others you will have to enter a:

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