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Google WebMasters Tools. Optimizing the content of your webpage.

WebMasters Tools de Google in a gratuitous tool to which it is possible to be acceded from

Tools for Webmaster de Google

It is a tool indispensable for the control of positioning in Google of your webpage.

The tool allows when webmaster of the webpage:

  •  To control that pages of your website know Google. As it has indexed in his listings search.
  •  To examine that errors find when reading your webpage. Errors as:
  1. links fallen within your webpage,
  2. sitemaps incorrect,
  3. incorrect syntax of the robots.txt file.
  4. state of the DNS.
  •  It also allows the control of how Google indexes your webpage. That is to say, google when reading the webpage assigns a weight to him to each keyword. From you can here observe if Google is giving the necessary weight him to the keywords that interest you to position your webpage.
    It is a fundamental tool for search engine optimization.
  •  It also indicates that amount of pages of your webpage knows google.
  •  Whichever impressions have had your webpage in the results search and whatever clicks have been realised.
  •  It also indicates the amount from connections to your site from other webpages.
  •  A tool very interesting envelope that we will speak in another entrance is the Marker of data that allows us to indicate to him to google in that it leaves from each webpage is the most excellent content.

In order to accede to these services simply you must have a user and password of gmail.

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