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Logo dates public prosecutor in its webpage. Resolution AFIP

Consifera Afip your webpage as a show window of your business and therefore you must exhibit your fiscal data.

Form 960 nm of afip in your webpage.

From the 02/10/2013 it will be obligatory, according to General Resolution AFIP 3377/2012, the following thing:

The sites “Web” of the contributors and/or people in charge who conduct operations of sale of movable things, leases and benefits of works and/or services independently and/or third parties, will have to place in a visible place of their main page, the logo “Form Number 960/NM – “Fiscal Data”, with their corresponding hyperbond that this Federal Administration will provide to this end. The procedure to fulfill and the corresponding engineering specifications, will be available in the microsite (

This comes warning all the people responsible for domains in since the beginning of May. In fact the exigency began the past year and now the 02/10/2013 are made obligatory its implementation in each webpage.

The fiscal logo of data and the information that offers is similar to that we found patch in a visible place of any commerce. Afip considers that the webpage of a business is its show window and therefore must be exhibited.

In order to obtain the fiscal logo of data and to insert it in your webpage you must enter to with fiscal key and go to the Form 960 N.M. But it appears to add it from the administrator of relations and soon to adhere service.

When finalizing the proceeding you will obtain a code as which it follows:

<a href=”,, “target=” _F960AFIPInfo” ><img src=”” border=” 0 ″ ></a>

that it will have to be inserted in the code of your webpage.

It is a proceeding that lasts not more than 5 minutes and it assures to you to be in rule with Afip.


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