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Deceits in the registry of domains .com

For more than 5 years we come aserando to our clients in the registry of international domains and lately we are not finding with attempts of deceits for the renovation of the domain.

Of which the deceit consists? It is possible to consult the e-mail of the registrante of the domain through sites as or similars, the swindler obtains information on the registrante person and date of victory of the registry.

With the date of victory and the personal data they by email send electronic a renovation request indicating the process of renovation to realise and the price to pay. Obvious, the form of payment is not through his to register that has the administration of the domain.

In summary, the client pays of good faith to renew his domain, but she is paying to a third party that nothing has to do with registering that it administers the domain. At the moment at which really it overcomes the domain, registering it sends all the average ones for the renovation and is where the disadvantages appear.

This problem can be solved asking for to its supplier a service of blockade of data. Normally they have a cost of approximately $100 but they guarantee that their data are not obtained and can be deceived.

Intensified other in the registry of international domains is that the swindler hopes patiently that the domain wins and it buys it immediately. Soon it tries to contact itself with the first owner to sell it to prices up to 100 times majors to the initial. Mainly in domains that handle much traffic.

This is avoided controlling the victories of its domains.


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