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Seguinos in Twitter and gains a webpage to you for your business or undertaking.

A self-managing webpage between all the new followers of twitter will be drawn for.

The characteristics of the webpage that is drawn for are here. The given webpage includes a plan of Web Hosting by a year. When being fulfilled the 12 months of the creation of the webpage the winner will have to renew the plan of Hosting, the cost of the renovation will be equivalent to values updated to the date of the plan of Web Hosting SME 1

The beginning of the contest is the day 04 /10/2013 to the 12:00 and finalizes the day 31/10/2013 to the 23:59 hours. or when completing the quota of 1000 participants. -

drawing of webpage between followers of twitter. webpage, free

drawing of webpage between followers of twitter. webpage, free

The new followers will be added themselves in the following listing

Day 01/11/2013 the definitive list of participants will appear.

To each participant a correlative number will be assigned to him according to the order in which they were becoming our followers.

Day 06/11/2013 will be come to the drawing of the self-managing webpage. That one follower will be winning whose number of order agrees with the 3 last digits of the winning number of the drawing of the Lottery of Cordoba of day 06/11/2013. The drawing is realised to the 21,10 hours. It can consult in the webpage of the Lottery of Cordoba on the result of the drawing.

In case of leaving drawn for a number that was not in the list of new recruits the contest. It will be procedecerá to realise a new drawing dated a to define by ctnetsoftware.

Any doubt, to consult to 0351 158 053 098 or by Skype: ctnetsoftware, to twitter: @ctnetsoftware


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