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Configuration of accounts of e-mail in your Blackberry

Many clients of our services of Hosting often ask to us as forming their Smartphone with the post-office boxes that we provide to them.

We have gone to the source and we directly offered from the page of support of blackberry the instructions them of how forming his telephones.

Configuration from smartphone BlackBerry*


  1. In order to begin:
    • If in the screen of his smartphone appears an option of Configuration of e-mail or similar, it clicks in her.
    • OR: in the screen of configuration of e-mail of the configuration assistant (that automatically begins the first time that starts up smartphone), selects to the option Desire to create or to add an email address.
  2. It, if necessary, clicks in Following and in Updating now.
  3. If it comes, it clicks in Creating new account.
  4. In order to accept the conditions of the license, it selects Yes and next it clicks in Acceptable.
  5. Configuration of its email address
    • If it wants to accede with his smartphone to already existing a compatible email address:
      • It clicks in Adding e-mail account or simply it writes his email address and the corresponding password.
      • It clicks in Following.
    • If it wishes to create a new email address for his smartphone Blackberry (for example,
      • It clicks in Creating a Blackberry email address Or clicks in Desire to create a new Blackberry email address.
      • The user name writes who wants that he appears before the sign @ in his new Blackberry email address.
      • If it comes, a password for this direction writes.
      • If it comes, it selects a secret question.
      • If it comes, it indicates the answer of the selected secret question. It clicks in Following.

We left in addition the direct link them in the page to Blackberry in case they have more questions - >

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