As to create an e-mail account from Cpanel

It will have to enter his Control Panel with his user and password.

For it tipee in the bar of directions of its navigator (replacing its site by the domain who you have related to his plan of Hosting)

Once in cpanel:

- It makes click in the section Mail
- It makes click in accounts of e-mail.
- In the square of E-mail the name of the mail account writes. In the menu to the right of @ it selects the domain with which it will create the mail account. It will be able to create an account of mail with his main domain or anyone of the domains added to his account.
- In the square password, the password with which will have to write to accede to its account of mail. It returns to confirm the password in the square of down.
- The administrator of mail accounts allows to generate a safe password automatically if he wishes to create it.
- The following step is to create the capacity of the mail account. It can assign a fixed size expressed in megabytes or to always create an account of limitless size within the contracted capacity).
- When finalizing these steps pressures the button “To create Account� and the same will be created

The account just created will appear in the listing of accounts of e-mail already created. From this same section it will be able:

- To modify the password: It does not ask for a previous password. That is to say, it whitens the password of the e-mail account.
- To change quota: It modifies the capacity of the account mail. It will be able to extend or to drain the capacity.
- To erase: It eliminates the e-mail account.
- To access to webmail: It accedes to the webmail of his site to check the mail account from his navigator.
- Configuration of client of e-mail: It unloads a program that will automatically form its account to him of mail in the following clietnes of e-mail:

* Microsoft Outlook
®for IMAP Acceso
* Microsoft Outlook
®for IMAP Acceso (SSL)
* Microsoft Outlook
®for POP3 Acceso
* Microsoft Outlook
®for POP3 Acceso (SSL)
* Microsoft Outlook Express
®for Access IMAP

* Microsoft Outlook Express
®for Access IMAP (SSL)