Publisher of zones in Cpanel

Configuration of registries To, CNAME, TXT, MX in Cpanel

In order to add the TXT registry from cPanel it is needed to accede to cPanel. Once within cPanel it is necessary to go to the section Domains and to beat in the icon of Publishing Zone.

To select Publisher of Zones in Cpanel

Once within the Publishing Zone (or Publisher of Zone), we must look for the domain that we want to add the TXT registry. It is possible that our lodging only has a domain. If it is will thus only appear a domain in the listing. In any case, we will have to make click in the button Administer that one is in the right part of the domain.

To select the domain in Publisher of Zones in Cpanel

Here we will see all the registries DNS has our domain, is not necessary to eliminate no, since it could put in risk the correct operation of hosting. We must make click in the blue button with text + Añadir registry. If we beat in shoots with an arrow of the right will open a pull-down menu where we can select to Add TXT Record directly.

To select the type of registry in Publisher of Zones in Cpanel

A new zone will be opened in which we must fill up the fields that it asks for to us.

  • Name: Here we will have to put our domain without www nor http://…
  • TLL: We can leave it as it is, 14400.
  • Type: He would already have to be TXT position, if he is not thus is necessary to select it in the pull-down menu.
  • To register: Here he is where we must stick the text or code that has provided us Google. Each code will be different for each account.
The result will be something thus: To select the type of registry in Publisher of Zones in Cpanel

Later only will have left to beat in Adding we registry in the button of the right to add the TXT registry to the zone of DNS. To remember that the changes in zone DNS can take something of time in becoming effective. After this it would only be necessary to tell him to Google that the registry already is added.