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C? mo to realise tr? mite of delegaci? n of domain in WWW.NiC.AR?

- To initiate the Internet navigator to go to (Click to go here) - To select to the option “Proceedings via Web�. - It will appear the following screen

Delegaci?n of domains in

This screen will have to select the option indicated in red and will have to disposition the following screen:

Delegaci?n of domains in - Modifcaci?n of data of delegaci?n of a domain

This screen will have to be completed with the e-mail that were used to realise the registry of the domain and the domain that is going away to transact. Once completed the previous data, to make click in continuing:

It will appear the following screen:

Delegaci?n of domains in - Data of servers

Where it will have to complete the squares that appear with the following data:
Servant of Primario Name:
Direction IP:

Servant of Secundario Name:
Direction IP:

Once completed the data it presses to continue the following screens will ask for the entrance to him of the following data:

Name of ISP: Alejandro Esteban Gonzalez
Technical contact: Alejandro Esteban Gonzalez

When finalizing the load of all these data the site will ask for a confirmation of the same.

When confirming, if the proceeding were realised the correct form will show the following screen:

Tr?;mites of delegaci?n of domains in - tr?;mite finalized

Automatically it will be sent to the post-office box used a mail of confirmation of the proceeding. The same will have to be responded without being modified to finalize the proceeding. After responding the e-mail will receive another e-mail as receipt requested of the proceeding.

When finalizing this proceeding will have to warn of the accomplishment of the proceeding.

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