How to place my webpage in the servant of CtNetSoftware

Once contracted to the service of Hosting and delegate the domain our servers (To see delegation of domains in or asking for discharge of an international domain) we can to raise the archives our Web.

For it we must count on a FTP program to accede to the directories of the servant. We recommend the FileZilla program of gratuitous distribution and open code supported by

In order to unload the program a is due to accede

Our example will be based on the use of Filezilla.

Once unloaded and installed. First that we will see he will be the following thing:

Hosting - configuration of filezilla
Figure 1

In order to form our account of access to servant FTP we will have to make click where it indicates figure to us 1. What will open the manager of sites (figure 2).

To raise to archives servant FTP - Manager of sites of Filezilla
Figure 2

The following step will be to register a new site for which we will press the button “New indicated site” in figure 2.

Next we will place our data in the manager of sites. The data are collected from the mail of discharge of the service. It can solicit I resend of the mail of discharge of the service.

For a site called example we will load the following data in “the General” eyelash of the panel.
Port: 21
Way of access: Normal
User: its user who was assigned to him in the discharge mail on watch.
Password: its password of access to its Control Panel. It was assigned to him in the mail of discharge of the service. It can ask for a new one but it remembers it.

“The General” eyelash of the panel we would have left:
Configuration of access to FTPFigure 3

In “the Advanced” eyelash the following data will be due to load:
Predetermined local directory: He is the directory or folder in our computer where they are kept the archives from our website.
Predetermined remote directory: /www
Configuration outpost of the FTP servant
Figure 4
Soon we pressed To accept and our site will be formed for its access.

In order to raise the archives we will again make click in the button that indicates figure 1 and will accede again to the Manager of sites.

To our left we will select our site and we will press the button to connect. Figure 5.

Access to the service of FTP
Figure 5

If the connection were successful we will see that the main screen is seen of the following form

The left we will see the archives in our computer and the right we will see the archives in the servant.

In order to raise the archives simply we will have to drag the file from the left to the right as it indicates figure 6.
To raise archives by FTP
figure 6

In the case of the example we raised the file as-place-my-paginate-Web-in-internet.php which it is the file that at the moment is reading. it can see online from as-place-my-paginate-Web-in-internet.php. Now if it raised a file called mipagina.html to could see it from its navigator through

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