As activating and forming Spam Assassin.

Spam Assassin is one of provided tools anti-Spam by our service of Web Hosting more known. It comes installed with the service of Web Hosting and we recommended to activate it more soon possible. Of being possible, immediately after acceding for the first time to his cpanel.

The passages for the activation are the following:

  • To enter with user and provided password in the activation of the service of Web Hosting.
  • To make click on the icon of Spam Assassin located in the section mail of its Cpanel.
  • Once in the section, to make click on button Spam Assassin
  • In the case of wanting deshabilitarlo to press the same button.

As activating provided Spam assassin including in the service of Web hosting

Now already you know as qualifying and deshabilitar Spam provided Assassin by his service of Web Hosting.

The following step, is to form it. But before we must understand as is the criterion that is used to consider that an e-mail is Spam or is not Spam.

Spam Assassin defines a score from 0 to 10 where:

0 means that everything will be marked as Spam.
5 are an average value by defect
10 mean that nothing will be marked as Spam.

You will have to analyze what is the value that agrees to him more and to be playing with was configuration until finding the value that is adapted to its needs.

Spam Assassin hardly activates for the first time, this it acts on all the post office in the account of e-mail and will mark as leidos Spam even is mails. (It is possible even to be formed so that he eliminates mails noticeable as Spam)

Warning: You can use Spam Box or a filter e-mail to move the Spam from his Inbox to another folder.

For this he can consultations the filtrate tools in his e-mail client. (As Outlook Express, Outlook, etc)

Spam Assassin does not modify the subject of the mail are \ {Spam} as did in previous versions. This is a disadvantage with the filtrate tools of e-mail.

Luckily the filtrate tools that we offer allow him to solve this of the following way:

  • In its webmail to create called folder Spam.
  • Within Cpanel to go concerning Filter by user
  • Near its email address, clik Configurar Filters.
  • To make click in creating a new filter.
  • In the menu to change “to Fromâ€? by “Spam Statusâ€?
  • To change “equalsâ€? by “Begins withâ€?
  • Soon it writes if.
  • To change “To discard Messagesâ€? “To send to the folderâ€?.
  • It selects the folder where it will send mail Spam.
  • It presses the button to activate.

    Now it can uses IMAP and to add the new folder of Spam.

    In order to deactivate the car function to eliminate the Spam It presses the button “To deactivate Car-Erase Spam�